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Events space Register & pay

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before you book the space. Please book only after you have read and accepted the below. 


Keep the premises clean & ensure that you give back the space the way it was when it was allocated to you. 

We do not have disposal for wet waste, please carry them back with you. 

Artwork on display:

Please ensure that your participants do not touch any of the artwork. In case of any damages, the same will have to be borne by you. Kids cannot be left unattended at the space. 

Please respect the space & the artwork and be mindful of your surrounding. Classes might be going on during the workshop. 

Art materials at the space:

Apart from basic materials like scissors, staplers, etc. all other art materials will not be accessible for non-members of Art Beat. 

Coffee and tea on the house (DIY section)

Access to highspeed internet

Does not include any art materials

Only participants are allowed inside the premises, parents waiting for the participants are not allowed inside the art school. 

Participants under 4 years will not be allowed unless explicit permission is taken from the management in writing. 

Alcohol consumption: 
Alcohol consumption and smoking are prohibited inside the premises/building. Serious action will be taken against violators. 


We do not have a parking facility inside the premise. There is plenty of space on the road. 

Time slots:

We might have other bookings right after yours, so please be mindful of the time. Each slot that you book is a maximum of 3 hours. You will need to factor in the prep time, workshop/event time & cleaning time. In case you want the cleaning to be done by Art Beat, please inform us. We will charge a small cleaning fee of INR 400 for the same. 


Any sort of issues arising out of the workshop/events will be the sole responsibility of the organiser. 

Sound System:

We currently do not have a sound system. We only have a Bluetooth speaker (BOAT Stone). Please organise for sound equipment in case you need it. 


Art Beat, HSR Layout

We have 8 tables, 16 chairs, 4 benches & 15-floor mats. 

This is a 1000 sqft space with huge windows without the blinds. 

The space also has focus lights for the gallery area. 

Max capacity of 40 to 50 people depending on the type of event.

Art Beat, JP Nagar

We have 4 medium size tables, 3 large tables, 16 chairs, 4 benches & 30-floor mats. 

This is a 4000 sqft space. However, the workshop space is limited to the first floor. 

Max capacity of 10 to 15 people depending on the type of event. 

If you are looking to take up the entire space, then you can fit close to 60 people in one place. Total area of the space is 4000+ sqft. 



For live events - Music, Stand up Comedy, Open Mic, Poetry, Book reading, Book launch, etc

1 Table & chair will be given as the registration desk. Organizers will have to use the same. 

Electrical points will be given, however, spike busters/extensions chords will not be provided by us. 

Organisers are requested to announce & ensure that participants/attendees should not touch any of the artwork on display including the wall murals. Most of the artwork on display is from students of Art Beat. 

Attendees in an inebriated state causing nuisance will be asked to leave the premises. 

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