Online art classes


Google classroom

Easy to navigate and easy to use. Art Beat has been using Google Classroom for almost a year to teach kids at our art school. Now we give the power to parents and kids.  

What you'll need?

  • Computer/Tablet/Smart TV

  • Internet connection/Phone internet will also do

  • Basic art supplies as mentioned in the curriculum

Age group for kids

Age group: 6 years to 11 years

  • 16 Worksheets per month.

  • 8 Instructional videos: per month

  • 4 Live sessions per month.

  • Graphite, Colour Pencils, Watercolor pencils, Oil and Soft Pastels and Poster Colours.


Online courses offered

  1. Sketching & Shading

  2. Acrylics

  3. Charcoal

  4. Indian Traditional Art Forms

  5. Water Colours & Poster Colours

  6. Pastels

Why Choose Art Beat


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