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art beat online drawing classes for kids

classes for kids

5 star rated art academy

Drawing classes online made easy and fun for kids.

At Art Beat, our goal is simple: make art exciting for kids. And we do that through a playful and educational theme-based learning approach. What’s more, our curriculum is packed with engaging instructional videos, worksheets, and live sessions to help you cultivate your artistic skills in a guided, step-by-step process. 

Learn to paint, draw, and colour with our friendly teachers in 7 different mediums, such as charcoal, oil pastels, poster colours, colour pencils, to name a few. Take our regular online drawing classes and master the basics of art, all from the comfort and safety of your home. Enroll today and let your creative side run wild. 

Online classes for kids

Drawing kids for kids -near you. Live from Bangalore, India


Learning art, 
now easy-peasy.

With Google Classroom, we make learning art a cakewalk:

  • Get ready for your drawing class in minutes

  • Get fast, personalised responses from art teachers

  • Receive timely updates from art teachers

  • Focus better with an easy-to-use interface

Image by Kasturi Roy

All you need 
to create magic

  • Just get these few things in place and you are all set to create magic with art:

  • A computer, tablet, or smart TV

  • An internet connection with decent speed

  • An easy-to-order art materials containing essential supplies 

Aanya Girish.jpeg

Classes that spark creativity

Our made-for-fun art classes inspire kids to express freely and creatively:

  • Modules designed for 5 -14-year-old kids

  • Includes upto 16 worksheets, 8 live sessions a month

  • 7 mediums: graphite, colour pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour, oil and soft pastels, and poster colours

Kritika P (1).jpg

Learn Drawing online from experts

Take your child on a wonderful art journey with Art Beat and let your kids learn drawing, coloring & painting. 

  • Kids can explore different techniques in 7 different art forms online.

  • Kids will learn different mediums such as Graphite, Pastels, Charcoal, Water color, Color pencil, Poster colors, Watercolour pencil.

  • Join other students from India and abroad and learn art online.

Online drawing classes for kids from the age of 5 years to 12 years

Our online drawing classes for kids from the age 5 years to 12 years is designed keeping engagement, learning & fun in mind. Drawing is an essential skill that helps kids develop life skills that stay with them for a long time, even through adulthood. Our unique theme based learning helps students learn to draw, color, blend, paint and use different mediums in a fun and interactive way. This boosts thier creativity, their motor skills and develops their creative side as well. We offer safe, monitored online drawing classes that are taken via Zoom. 

Learn drawing online from passionate artists who love to teach drawing and painting to kids. We encourage kids to join group classes that helps them learn and mingle with peers in the online drawing live sessions. 

Depending on the kid's age group starting from 5 years to 12 years, we allot different levels to the kids. 

Drawing classes for 5 year old - Level 1 

Drawing classes for 6 year old - Level 1

Drawing classes for 7 year old - Level 1

Drawing classes for 8 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 9 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 10 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 11 year old - Level 3

Drawing classes for 12 year old - Level 3

Drawing classes for 13 year old - Level 3

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Spreading the joy of art online in
10 countries and
30 cities

Expert teachers & Faculty

Course fee - INR 2,500 per month

Regular classes
Weekly 2 live session
Each sess
ion = 1 hour

  • Level 1 Batch 1 - Monday - 4.00 to 5.00 PM & Friday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM

  • Level 1 Batch 2 - Monday - 4.00 to 5.00 PM & Saturday - 11.00 to 12.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 1 - Monday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM & Thursday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 1A -  Thursday - 4.00 to 5.00 PM & Thursday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 2 - Monday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM &  Friday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 2A - Thursday - 4.00 to 5.00 PM & Friday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 3 - Monday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM & Saturday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM

  • Level 2 Batch 3A - Thursday - 4.00 to 5.00 PM & Saturday - 5.00 to 6.00 PM

  • Level 3 Batch 1 - Monday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM & Saturday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM

  • Level 3 Batch 2 - Monday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM & Thursday - 6.00 to 7.00 PM

Loukhyashree (1).png
Fees and batches
  • What’s the duration of this course?
    Kids take our Regular Art Classes online for anywhere between 6 months to over a year. Our sessions are paced in a way so kids not only learn intently, but also have a ton of fun in the process. We use age-appropriate techniques and tools to cultivate their skills, enhance their creativity, and bring alive the artist in them.
  • Can my kid start with sketching, shading, and watercolour?"
    When it comes to art, we believe the basics matter. So our modules for this course are designed keeping the fundamental mediums in mind, such as pencil colours, soft pastels, poster colours, to name a few. We also teach focused short-term courses that include advanced art techniques such as shading, sketching, and more.
  • Can my kid learn to draw and paint online?
    Absolutely. With our small-sized batches and experienced teachers, you can be sure about one thing: Your kid will have an exciting time while learning art with us online. Plus, through our theme-based learning approach and a step-by-step teaching format, we make art educational, playful and creatively fulfilling for your child.
  • How are Art Beat instructional videos different from YouTube tutorial videos?
    Our instructional videos are designed for your kid’s age group. We use an engaging theme-based learning approach to make our course more relevant to your child, unlike the tutorial videos online, which are typically made for a more general learning. Additionally, with our step-by-step teaching format, your kid is likely to learn better about all the important aspects of art, while having a lot of fun at the same time.
  • Is this a one-on-one or group course?
    All our Regular Art Classes are in groups online, as we’ve noticed that kids enjoy art better when they are learning with other curious fellow students. Our batch sizes are small, with a 15:2 children to teacher ratio. This means that children get the attention they need from their teachers to learn art in a playful, guided, and inspired way.
  • How do online classes work?
    Learning online is super-duper easy. All you need is a computer, a decent internet connection, and some basic art supplies. We provide monthly worksheets, instructional videos, and live sessions with our friendly teachers - all so that learning art is not only informative, but fun and enriching at the same time for all students.
  • What is the average price for online drawing classes?
    The price depends on the course.
  • Why choose online sessions?
    Learning art virtually is easy, safe, and fun with Art Beat. We use a theme-based learning approach to make art engaging and playful for kids online. Using Google Classroom, we keep track of their progress and give timely updates and feedback necessary to improve their artistic skills and creativity.
Art materials required for online drawing and art classes for kids age 5 to 13 years


Color pencils

Watercolor pencils


Charcoal pencils

Sketch pen


Oil pastels

Soft pastels (optional)

Fine liners

Benefits of learning arts/drawing online 

Motor skills - Learning to draw helps in many ways, it helps hand, eye & mind coordination. 

Concentration - Drawing helps the child stay more focused. Drawing requires more focus, one cannot multi-task when learning to paint or draw. Hence it helps in building focus among kids.

Strengthens fingers - When it comes to drawing and painting for kids, it helps strengthen hand grip as they hold the drawing pencil or the paintbrush. It also helps in improving handwriting for kids.

Discipline - Drawing helps build disciple among kids. It helps in building the habit of preparation. Drawing and painting generally need preparation in terms of materials, artwork, position, etc. The outcome of the artwork is directly affected by the preparation of the student. Kids will learn how to work with many items. 

Colors stimulate the brain - Kids love working with colors. Colors relax the mind and allow them to get more information into their minds. 

Keen observation - Drawing helps kids improve observation skills. When kids have to draw, they will first need to observe. Hence it develops keen observation among kids. 

Creativity - Working on building creativity and talent through practice and experiencing creative activities. Does not come within, but needs to be developed. 

Understand Elements and principles of art - Elements include - Line, space, shape, form, color, value & texture. Principles include - Balance, movement, contrast, pattern & unity. 

Not afraid of failure - Art is a continuous process of trial and error. At an early age kids who draw or paint understand that sometimes artwork does not turn out the way they envision. Hence it builds resilience and they learn to appreciate imperfect artwork too. It builds confidence.

Gauri Shukla

Artbeat is a place where children enjoy not just doing art but even how to learn art. Teachers are dedicated and whether children are learning online offline....they start loving art .. Thanks to all the teachers.. My daughter doesn't want to miss a single online class so we have let her do classes by carrying all the stuff be it in a restaurant or outside Bangalore... The only online class my daughter loves so much

Gowri ramachandran

Art beat is the heart beat for my 8 yr old daughter. This explains it all about Namratha''s art class. For the last 2 yrs "Art beat" has a special place in my household. I would definitely recommend this place for nurturing young & growing artists. Art beat has played a BIG role in consistently improving my daughter's art skills through their innovative techniques.

Geeta Paspulati

Really like the artbeat for what they are doing. My kid loves the online sessions.I feel the sessions are well planned for kids. Some good and nice techniques are shared my teachers. Teachers are very lively and interactive which makes the session intresting for kids.

Sharmeela Jaimalani

We were looking for online Drawing classes for my son which will not only improve his drawing skills but also keep him engaged. I am very happy when my son is very eager to attend the class, meet his online teacher and friends, and get lost in the world of fantasy in the form of Art. Many thanks to Ms. Sudha and her team for their efforts to make online classes so happening and enjoyable for my son. Looking for long journey with Artbeat.

Prakash Rajamannar

Artbeat - a theme based montly drawing class for kids and it works absolutely great. My son started attending class since 4 months and his artistic skills are improved. Special mention on saranya mam for making the class excited and creative. Thanks mam and artbeat Update 02.08.23 My son attended shading class with Juveria mam. She is very good teacher and listen to her students. She is also very good artist, because of her guidance my son's art work also improving day by day. Though it's online medium, don't see any differences in teaching or learning. Thanks Juveria Mam.

Rajesh Mutalik Desai

Excellent coaching & attractive skillset by the Mgmt & Teaching staff to educate the kids - Online teaching is difficult but made easy by ArtBeat - You guys are really fantabulous...!!! Your tremendous efforts been seen in keeping our kids engaged in their interest and interactive on presenting their interest too. Thanks & good luck 👍

Jyothi Cardoza

ArtBeat is a wonderful Art school for the kids and adults. They are very professional and kid friendly. The assignment system helps in keeping children busy and in learning new skills through out the course. Teachers give one to one focus and help the children by encouraging and providing positive feedback.


ArtBeat has nice size classes with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Teachers are very welcoming, friendly and encouraging. During pandemic they started with live sessions (weekly once). Online sessions are very interactive and filled with funny activities.

Vijaykumar Deshnur

Very good institute. Nadia is an excellent teacher. My daughter is only 5 years old but she is able hold her attention for 1 hour & my daughter's drawing, sketching, painting & colouring skills have definately improved. Thanks art beat & Nadia

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