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Namratha G N, founder of Art Beat

Certificate course in Fine Arts (CFA)

3 month certified fine arts program | 6 mediums

Join a 3-month intensive course with Art Beat and become an artist.

Our training program supports self taught artists to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. We offer training, teaching and learning resources to help artists develop successful learners and improve their professional practice.

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3-month intensive coaching

This intensive certificate in fine arts (CFA) lets you explore the world of art 

  • Studio sessions

  • Weekly 2 classes, 2 interactive & 1 practice session

  • 1.5 hour sessions 

  • Explore multiple mediums

  • Certification post completion of the program

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Build your portfolio

Learn how to build & create the best of your portfolio to start your career in fine arts

  • A one of a kind portfolio

  • Learn and master the Expression

  • Building the learning materials, do's & don't's, etc

water colors.jpeg

Hands-on learning experience

Get trained by e​xpert teachers. Work on your artwork alongside your teachers.

  • Live sessions

  • Practice sessions

  • Assignments

  • Working on feedback for assignments


Access to 4000+ art community

Become part of the 4000+ art enthusiasts that art beat has built over the years. 

  • Exclusive access & placement

  • Downloadable resources

  • Access to art experts, teachers, fellow students

  • Assistance post-course completion

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Deep dive into mediums

Multiple mediums to give you a different perspective & a wholesome learning experience

  • 6 different mediums

  • Mediums cover basics to intermediate level
  • Elements & principles of art
  • And no other boring stuff!
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Starting your own art classes online

Learn from the founder,  other art entrepreneurs & artists across the country.

  • Building your own website

  • Branding

  • Budgeting

  • Continuous learning

  • Promoting your classes

Professional art course in Bangalore

Why learn from Art Beat?

  • Certification

  • Access to expert teachers

  • Art Portfolio assistance

  • Individual attention

  • Pre-reads, recorded classes & interactive live sessions

  • Theory + Practicals

  • Material buying guides

  • Self-starter guides to start teaching at home

  • Placement opportunities

Next batch 

Morning batch - 11th May 2024

Evening batch - 27th May 2024

Limited seats

Mediums you will learn


Graphite & Sketching

soft pastels.jpeg




Oil pastels.jpeg

Oil Pastels

Who is this course for?

  • ​Art enthusiasts looking to start teaching/conducting art classes & workshops​​

  • Busy professional who wants to learn fine arts in 3 months

  • Art teachers who want to get better results from their classes & workshops

  • Teachers & artists who want to start teaching art courses

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start an art school

  • Any art enthusiasts with an interest in earning income from their artwork

  • Anyone who is above the age of 20 years

  • Artists & teachers who want to refine their skills

What does the course contain?


  • Introduction to art materials

  • Art portfolio introduction and assessment 

  • Online studio practice

  • Art fundamentals & Color theory and scheme

  • Using Art Mediums 

  • Basic techniques and methods

  • Art forms 

  • Life drawing & object drawing 

  • Scapes and perspective sketching 

  • Seven elements of art 

  • The eighth principles of design

  • Human gestures and proportions

  • Technology, personal and professional development 

  • Guest lectures

  • Assessments

Bachelors in fine arts

This course is for adults over 20 years of age

Leave your details to get info on the fees

3 month course
6 mediums 
Hands on training
Certificate from Art Beat
2 sessions per week

Practical sessions every week
Tuesday & Wednesday
2.30pm to 4 pm

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Spreading the joy of art in 10 countries and 30 cities

Expert teachers & Faculty

  • What’s the duration of this course?
    Kids take our Regular Art Classes online for anywhere between 6 months to over a year. Our sessions are paced in a way so kids not only learn intently, but also have a ton of fun in the process. We use age-appropriate techniques and tools to cultivate their skills, enhance their creativity, and bring alive the artist in them.
  • Can my kid start with sketching, shading, and watercolour?"
    When it comes to art, we believe the basics matter. So our modules for this course are designed keeping the fundamental mediums in mind, such as pencil colours, soft pastels, poster colours, to name a few. We also teach focused short-term courses that include advanced art techniques such as shading, sketching, and more.
  • Can my kid learn to draw and paint online?
    Absolutely. With our small-sized batches and experienced teachers, you can be sure about one thing: Your kid will have an exciting time while learning art with us online. Plus, through our theme-based learning approach and a step-by-step teaching format, we make art educational, playful and creatively fulfilling for your child.
  • How are Art Beat instructional videos different from YouTube tutorial videos?
    Our instructional videos are designed for your kid’s age group. We use an engaging theme-based learning approach to make our course more relevant to your child, unlike the tutorial videos online, which are typically made for a more general learning. Additionally, with our step-by-step teaching format, your kid is likely to learn better about all the important aspects of art, while having a lot of fun at the same time.
  • Is this a one-on-one or group course?
    All our Regular Art Classes are in groups online, as we’ve noticed that kids enjoy art better when they are learning with other curious fellow students. Our batch sizes are small, with a 15:2 children to teacher ratio. This means that children get the attention they need from their teachers to learn art in a playful, guided, and inspired way.
  • How do online classes work?
    Learning online is super-duper easy. All you need is a computer, a decent internet connection, and some basic art supplies. We provide monthly worksheets, instructional videos, and live sessions with our friendly teachers - all so that learning art is not only informative, but fun and enriching at the same time for all students.
  • What is the average price for online drawing classes?
    The price depends on the course.
  • Why choose online sessions?
    Learning art virtually is easy, safe, and fun with Art Beat. We use a theme-based learning approach to make art engaging and playful for kids online. Using Google Classroom, we keep track of their progress and give timely updates and feedback necessary to improve their artistic skills and creativity.
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