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drawing classes for kids

5 star rated art school
HSR Layout, Bangalore

Offline drawing classes made easy and fun for kids. At Art Beat, our goal is simple: make art exciting for kids. And we do that through a playful and educational theme-based learning approach. What’s more, our curriculum is packed with engaging drawing artwork, worksheets, and live sessions to help you cultivate your artistic skills in a guided, step-by-step process. 

Learn to paint, draw, and colour with our friendly teachers in 7 different mediums, such as charcoal, oil pastels, poster colours, colour pencils, to name a few. Take our regular offline classes and master the basics of art. Enroll today and let your creative side run wild. 

In-person drawing classes for kids near you

Safe learning space to draw & paint

With expert teachers, we make learning art a cakewalk:

  • Small batches

  • Including all materials required for the offline drawing class

  • Safe sanitized art school

  • Get fast, personalised responses

  • Receive timely updates from art teachers

  • Focus better with extra attention on skills

Drawing classes in bangalore including all art materials

All you need 
to create magic

  • Just get these few things in place and you are all set to create magic with art:

  • We provide art kits that students can use at Art Beat.

  • Students can choose batches as per the age group from 4 years to 13 years.

  • Art worksheets are evaluated by trained expert teachers and then shared with students.

Aanya Girish with her drawing form her offline drawing classes

Art Classes that spark creativity

Our made-for-fun art classes inspire kids to express freely and creatively:

  • Modules designed for 4 -13-year-old kids

  • Includes upto 16 worksheets, 2 sessions per week of 1 hour each.

  • 7 mediums: graphite, colour pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour, oil and soft pastels, and poster colours

Kritika P (1).jpg

Certified offline drawing course for differnet age groups

Students can move up different stages and levels as per their potential. Students will get certificates and medals once they pass the periodic exams. These exams are optional for kids. 

Perfect for age groups starting 4 years to 13 years. Easy and engaging drawing and painting classes

Our drawing, painting/art classes are perfect for kids who are just starting their journey of learning art offline in Bangalore.

Online art classes for kids - Art Beat.jpeg

Level 1

Art classes for kids age between 5 to 7 years

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-18 at 11.55.42 AM.jpeg

Level 2

Art classes for kids age between 8 to 10 years


Level 3

Art classes for kids age between 11 to 13 years

Multiple levels and stages kids to learn art offline


Available batches for regular art classes for kids in HSR, Bangalore

5 -7 years

Monday & Wednesday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Saturday - 3 to 5pm, 5 to 7 pm

Image by Robert Keane

8 - 10 years

Monday & Wednesday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Saturday - 3 to 5pm, 5 to 7 pm

Image by Jess Bailey

11 - 13 years

Monday & Wednesday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday

4 to 5pm, 5 to 6pm, 6 to 7pm

Saturday - 3 to 5pm, 5 to 7 pm

Friday - 5 to 7pm

Why choose Art Beat for an offline drawing class for your child?

Image by Robert Keane

Theme based learning

Let kids learn unique theme based art topics at your nearest Art Beat centre.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-18 at 11.58.04 AM

350+ students Offline & Online

10 countries, 30 cities. Interact with other kids offline at the centre near you.

Image by Lauren Edvalson

5 star rated
art school

Top rated by students, parents & the art community across bangalore.

Rate and review us.png

Spreading the joy of art in 10 countries and 30 cities

Expert teachers & Faculty

Offline/in-person drawing classes for kids from the age of 4 to 13 years

Our offline drawing, painting and art classes for kids from the age of 4 to 12 years are designed to keep the kids engaged while they learn new art forms and mediums. Art Beat uses unique theme-based learning to teach offline kids how to draw, color, paint, etc in a fun and interactive way. We dissect the principles and elements of art in such a way that it makes it easier for the kids to learn the techniques while the acquire the necessary skills to learn drawing offline/in person. This boosts their creativity, their motor skill and helps them develop a keen sense of observation. 

Learning art/drawing offline in Bangalore at one of the best art schools in Bangalore has its own perks. Parents are periodically given feedback on the child's progress in the drawing/art class. Art Beat is a 5-star rated art school that has it's second center in HSR,m Bangalore. Our art teachers are experts who love working with kids and are passionate about teaching art to kids offline/in person. Our offline drawing group classes are designed to engage kids, and help them mingle with peers. 

Depending on the kid's age group starting from 5 years to 12 years, we allot different levels to the kids. We encourage parents to drop by the nearest Art Beat centre to check with our team for details on the levels. Below details are only for reference, there are always exceptions. 

Drawing classes for 5 year old - Level 1 

Drawing classes for 6 year old - Level 1

Drawing classes for 7 year old - Level 1

Drawing classes for 8 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 9 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 10 year old - Level 2

Drawing classes for 11 year old - Level 3

Drawing classes for 12 year old - Level 3

Drawing classes for 13 year old - Level 3

Weekly 2 sessions - Offline drawing class for kids in Bangalore

Parent teacher meeting at Art Beat.jpg

Periodic parent teacher meeting

A quarterly feedback system that helps you understand your child's progress.

Worksheet 6.jpg

Continuos feedback on all worksheets

Our art expert teachers evlaute and give feedback on each every class & artwork.

Certificate exams_edited.jpg

Certificate exams & development

Our certificate exams are conducted once students complete 8 months.

regular drawing classes in HSR.jpeg

1 in-house workshop complimentary

1 in-house art workshop to ensure that kids learn something new and to break the monotony.

Quarterly parent-teacher meeting

All you need to know about our parent-teacher meeting

Parent teacher meeting at Art Beat.jpg

The quarterly parent-teacher meeting at Art Beat is structured in a way that it gives a full view into how the child is progressing in his/her art journey. Our instructor/teacher also gives feedback to parents on how they can help their child, how to encourage and areas that they might need more focus in. 

Our evaluation process helps the parent understand the areas that the child needs to focus on and the areas in which they are already doing a good job. 

At the end of every quarterly, we create a booklet of all the worksheets of the child along with the teachers' comments. This serves as a ready reckoner to see the progress of child in the offline drawing class.  

Sajal Debnath
Show more

I wanted to share a detailed review for Art Beat. This is a great place to send your kid. My daughter loves going here. She is very excited about attending the classes and never want to miss any of them. The curriculum and the environment is awesome. It is varied and interesting for the kids. So, they never get bored. Highly recommend.

Srikanth K
Show more

Very good atmosphere and helpful teachers. My son is enjoying the classes and learning at the same time!

Swethana NP
Show more

Great place to learn! Teachers are very friendly and environment is lively😊

Manpreet Walia
Show more

Art classes have been amazing for my kid. He is getting better in creatives. Sneha mam has great teaching style. All sorts of drawing and art patterns are covered.

Deepthi Babu
Show more

It's great art school to enhance the creativity, skills like drawing can be improved. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone whether it is for the kid or adult. Sneha is the awesome talented teacher. I should definitely say this. Thanks a lot Namratha for getting such a good place to HSR layout.

Manjunath Sugur
Show more

Good place to learn drawing and colouring from basics

Divya Kumaraswamy
Show more

My daughter is really enjoying her drawing classes and we could see her drawing skills have improved a lot.

Anjali Dutta
Show more

Really good teaching style for drawing and art. They have very friendly teachers. Monthly theme based art teaching makes kids really excited about their next class!

Kriti Kanthi
Show more

The most fun my kids have had from an art class!

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