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Learn Acrylics

Short term course for beginners

This 16-hour intensive course is for those who want to learn the secrets of acrylic painting from scratch.

Acrylics are a fun and easy medium to learn and paint with. If you have ever wondered what painting in acrylics is all about, then you can now take a break from work and learn this beautiful art with the help of this online course. Learning acrylics is not about adding more things to your already too busy life. When we learn something new it not only makes us more productive but it also makes us happier and calmer.

Image by Chris Montgomery

16-hour intensive live sessions

This short term course lets you explore the world of acrylics in 16 hours. 

  • Live sessions (1:1 or 1:4)

  • Designed to get maximum learning

  • Relax and learn at your pace

  • Easy to order art kits

Image by Natalya Moshnina

Learn Acrylics from the basics

​Acrylics is a fun and easy way to paint. 

  • Pre-recorded bonus course materials

  • Reading materials

  • A practical guide to learning Acrylics

  • Learn different formats such as still life, landscape, color theory and more

Image by Jade Stephens

Certified course taught by experts

It is one of the most versatile mediums as it can be used on almost any surface.

  • Learn from experts in the field

  • Downloadable resources

  • Course certification

  • Access to other fellow students and artists (2000+ art community)

Oil painting.jpeg

Why learn from Art Beat?

  • Access to expert teachers

  • Art Portfolio assistance

  • Certification

  • Individual attention

  • Pre-reads, recorded classes & interactive live sessions

  • Theory + Practicals

  • Material buying guides

Who is this course for?

  • Complete beginners

  • Students with some experience (but who need fundamental drawing skills to progress)

  • Hobby Artists

  • Students setting out on the journey to becoming an artist, illustrator or designer

  • Crafters who want to go beyond pre-made designs

  • Teachers who want to learn a new art form and teach kids

What does the course contain?

  • Introduction to Acrylics

  • Paints & Tools

  • Colour chart & Colour Mixing

  • Elements of Art

  • Painting Techniques

  • Painting Still Life

  • Painting Landscape or Seascape

  • Painting Abstracts

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Ways to improve

  • Art Portfolio

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