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Art Workshops

Art Beat offers a variety of offline / in-person workshops in Bangalore. Art workshops include Drawing, Painting, sketching, Portrait, and much more. Join us for our workshops and learn like a pro. Art forms include traditional art forms such as Madhubani, alcohol ink, canvas painting, oil painting, watercolor workshop, bottle painting, Gond, etc. Join us to learn multiple art forms, techniques and art skills and enjoy while learning something new.

Workshops at Art Beat

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Inclusive of materials

All art workshops at Art Beat are inclusive of materials. Just come over and enjoy the workshops.

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Learn from experts

Learn art forms such as oil paiting, water color painting, decoupage, acrylic painting are taught by experts

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Beginner friendly

If it's your first time, we'll ensure that we'll make it special. Our workshops are beginner friendly.

Members of Team Art Beat

200+ workshops

Since 2016, team Art Beat has hosting 250+ workshops across Bangalore

Art workshops for everyone

Art Beat offers a range of weekend painting workshops and artworkshops in Bangalore that helps you explore different mediums in a fun way. You can get explore to trying something new such as Traditional painting workshop, Madhubani painting workshop, acrylic painting workshop, oil painting workshop, canvas painting workshop, texture painting workshop, chaorcoal on paper workshop, etc. These are workshops are designed for complete beginners. All you have to do is have an open mind when you come try our workshops in Bangalore. 

Art workshops we offer in Bangalore

Traditional workshops

Madhubani painting workshop

Madala painting workshop

Fusion mandala/mithila workshop

Theraputic workshops

Acrylic pour workshop

Alcohol ink workshop

Texture painting workshop

Painting workshops

Canvas painting workshop

Oil painting workshop

Watercolor painting workshop

Decoupage workshops

Bottle decoupage workshop

Coaster decoupage workshop

Jewellery box decoupage

Sketching workshops

Urban sketching workshop

Charcoal drawing workshop

Mini workshops

Mini canvas painting workshop

Coaster painting workshop

Tie & dye workshop

Stay updated on upcoming workshops in Bangalore!


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Gayathri Vijaykumar
Show more

Had a great time learning abstract acrylic painting from Artbeat. My instructor Sonam was super helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me do a beautiful Buddha work. Highly recommend this place for art classes and workshops.

Ankita Tandon
Show more

I had a wonderful experience with my friends. A great place to escape from everyday regular life or work pressure. A perfect place for art lover or people who wanna get creative and messy with friends, family or some self care. It's absolutely worth every penny.

Keertana Chamatri
Show more

Had a wonderful experience at ArtBeat's Charcoal painting workshop! It give me the perfect peaceful getaway after a long week of work! I will definitely come back here for exploring more of the artist in me and to make lots of memories! :))

Makwana Tapsi
Show more

I have attended abstract budhha workshop. The experience was really nice. The artist who taught us was also nice. She patiently taught all the techniques required for abstract painting. They have workshops every weekend check out them and go for it.

Tanya Rai
Show more

Attended a super fun workshop with them. They’re super helpful and make everything super fun. :) Must visit either with your friends or alone on a Saturday.

Sandeep Batlad
Show more

I had a fun learning experience when I attended the weekends acrylic workshop. The teachers are super helpful and kind. I will definitely recommend to give it a try at their weekend workshop. They have got extensive learning programs for adults on weekends too. Do check out their website. Thank you Artbeat!

Ankita Pohonekar
Show more

Attended the Madhubani workshop on a Saturday afternoon. The instructors and the people at art beat are super fun and helpful. Had a super chill time and learnt a thing or two. Recommend this to anyone looking for something off beat to do!

Kaushal Joshi
Show more

Great place to start painting. We had so much fun at the workshop !! And the end result surprised us. Do this as a group activity !!!

Alifiyah Dhah
Show more

The workshop was extremely lovely and fun. It was well planned and the team of Art Beat were very friendly and talented! Should definitely check the workshops out here !

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