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Acrylic painting classes in Bangalore

Choose a acrylic painting class near you - HSR Layout

Painting classes are designed to give you a hands-on painting experience at any of our studio in Bangalore near you. This 16-hour intensive course is for those who want to learn the secrets of acrylic painting from scratch. Our easy acrylic painting courses can be customized either to fit 8 week or 4 weeks painting course depending on your availability.

This canvas painting course is designed for beginners

16 hours session - Our courses can be customized either to fit 8 weeks or 4 weeks

2 hours per week, including all materials

Work on various mediums like Wood, Stretched canvas & canvas cloth

Take home 3 masterpieces as per your choice


Course fee - INR 10,999

Painting on canvas in Bangalore

16-hour intensive sessions

This acrylic painting short term course held offline in Bangalore lets you explore the world of acrylics in 16 hours. 

  • Group session with other art enthusiasts in HSR Layout, Bangalore

  • Designed to get maximum learning in an in-person class

  • Relax, learn, experiment & practice

  • 8 weeks painting course

  • All materials for the course is provided by Art Beat

Basics on learning arylic painting in an offline class

Acrylic painting from the basics

Learning ​Acrylics painting course all the way from basics is a fun and easy.

  • Reading materials for the painting class

  • A practical guide to learning Acrylics offline

  • Pratice & learn 3 masterpeices that you will paint.

  • Learn different formats such as still life painting, landscape painting, color theory and more

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Certified painting course taught by experts

It is one of the most versatile mediums as it can be used on almost any surface.

  • Learn from experts in the field

  • Includes 3 stretched canvas

  • Course certification

  • Access to other fellow students and artists (4000+ art community)

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Why learn acrylic painting from Art Beat?

  • Access to expert art teachers

  • Art Portfolio Assistance

  • Certification upon completion of course + assignments

  • Individual attention

  • Pre-reads, interactive group sessions

  • Theory + Practicals

  • Material buying guides

  • Bonus practice materials

Who is this painting course for?

  • Complete beginners

  • Students with some experience (but who need fundamental drawing skills to progress)

  • Hobby Artists

  • Students setting out on the journey to becoming an artist, illustrator or designer

  • Crafters who want to go beyond pre-made designs

  • Teachers who want to learn a new art form and teach kids

What does the painting course contain?

  • Introduction to Acrylics

  • Paints & Tools

  • Colour chart & Colour Mixing

  • Elements of Art

  • Painting Techniques

  • Painting Still Life

  • Painting Landscape or Seascape

  • Painting Abstracts

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Ways to improve

  • All the required materials for you to complete 3 masterpieces

painting classes for adults bangalore

Check out what our students have to say

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Spreading the joy of art in 10 countries and 30 cities

Expert teachers & Faculty

  • What’s the duration of this course?
    Kids take our Regular Art Classes online for anywhere between 6 months to over a year. Our sessions are paced in a way so kids not only learn intently, but also have a ton of fun in the process. We use age-appropriate techniques and tools to cultivate their skills, enhance their creativity, and bring alive the artist in them.
  • Can my kid start with sketching, shading, and watercolour?"
    When it comes to art, we believe the basics matter. So our modules for this course are designed keeping the fundamental mediums in mind, such as pencil colours, soft pastels, poster colours, to name a few. We also teach focused short-term courses that include advanced art techniques such as shading, sketching, and more.
  • Can my kid learn to draw and paint online?
    Absolutely. With our small-sized batches and experienced teachers, you can be sure about one thing: Your kid will have an exciting time while learning art with us online. Plus, through our theme-based learning approach and a step-by-step teaching format, we make art educational, playful and creatively fulfilling for your child.
  • How are Art Beat instructional videos different from YouTube tutorial videos?
    Our instructional videos are designed for your kid’s age group. We use an engaging theme-based learning approach to make our course more relevant to your child, unlike the tutorial videos online, which are typically made for a more general learning. Additionally, with our step-by-step teaching format, your kid is likely to learn better about all the important aspects of art, while having a lot of fun at the same time.
  • Is this a one-on-one or group course?
    All our Regular Art Classes are in groups online, as we’ve noticed that kids enjoy art better when they are learning with other curious fellow students. Our batch sizes are small, with a 15:2 children to teacher ratio. This means that children get the attention they need from their teachers to learn art in a playful, guided, and inspired way.
  • How do online classes work?
    Learning online is super-duper easy. All you need is a computer, a decent internet connection, and some basic art supplies. We provide monthly worksheets, instructional videos, and live sessions with our friendly teachers - all so that learning art is not only informative, but fun and enriching at the same time for all students.
  • What is the average price for online drawing classes?
    The price depends on the course.
  • Why choose online sessions?
    Learning art virtually is easy, safe, and fun with Art Beat. We use a theme-based learning approach to make art engaging and playful for kids online. Using Google Classroom, we keep track of their progress and give timely updates and feedback necessary to improve their artistic skills and creativity.

Course fee - INR 10,999

8 weeks course
Including all materials
Take home 3 masterpiece
Paint on Wood, Streched canvas & canvas cloth

Weekday & Weekend batch
HSR Batches
Mon & Wed - 11. 30 am to 1.30 pm
Saturday - 11.30am to 1.30pm
Saturday - 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

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Painting course for adults in Bangalore made easy and relaxing

Our offline acrylic painting course is designed in a way that covers all the way from the basics and helps to create a masterpiece. During the 8-week acrylics short-term course students/participants will get hands-on painting experience at their nearest Art Beat studio in Bangalore. Art Beat provides all the essential materials for you to learn and complete your course at our studio. We use high-quality stretched canvas for our offline painting classes. Students do not have to pay extra for the 3 canvases that we provide as part of the course which are included in offline painting class fees. 

These group classes for painting help you learn from peers and art instructors. Our art instructors are trained by Art Beat. Our painting class curriculum is planned in such a way that it makes it engaging for students to learn painting. 

Best painting classes for adults in Bangalore

When it comes to choosing the best painting classes for adults in Bangalore, you will notice that Art Beat is always in the top 3 art schools in Bangalore. Art Beat is a 5-star rated Art school that has 1 centre in Bangalore - HSR Layout. We believe that each artists/instructor and teacher has a unique way of teaching. At Art Beat, we have the perfect curriculum that helps even working professionals to learn art in an easy and fun manner. 

Our instructors and teachers are well versed with showcasing easy-to-relate examples to ensure that the learning is made easy even for a busy professional to learn painting in Bangalore near them. We include reading material that you can take home along with an artist kit to get you started and for you to explore the world of acrylic painting at your own pace. This is what makes Art Beat one the best painting classes for adults in Bangalore.

In addition to the offline course material, art kit and goodies, Art Beat also provide lifetime access to Google classroom with pre-recorded videos with a whole set of techniques that you can easily refer to. Art Beat also offers unlimited studio sessions for you to drop in practice on your own, making Art Beat the student's choice for offline painting classes, thereby making it one of the best painting class for adults in Bangalore. 

Painting classes near you

If you are in Bangalore and are looking for a painting class near you, then Art Beat gives you the option to choose the nearest Art Beat centre in Bangalore. You can choose a painting class near you by dropping by at the nearest Art Beat centre. You can come down and get a walk-through experience of the studio to understand the curriculum for the offline acrylic painting class along with other details such as fees for the painting class, materials required for the painting class and check out other students' artwork. Our centres are open from 11 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Choose the nearest painting class at your convience 

Painting class in HSR Art Beat

Tanvi Agarwal

Been thoroughly enjoying my last 4-5 months here. I go once a week to learn different techniques of acrylic painting while also creating pieces of art that I enjoy making. Beautiful way to spend Saturday afternoons! 😍

Supriya Gupta

Indeed, ArtBeat is like a heaven for art lovers, it just not only teaches art but also teaches how to see art in your surroundings. Thank you Artbeat for changing my perspective and I would also like to thank my mentor and guide Sujala Ma'am, who teaches me so beautifully and nurtures me to express myself in my own style.

Surabhi Chauhan

One of the best art school... Having lots of different different courses available for different mediums. The teachers are very supportive and the teaching method is also very nice as compare to other's. People who are interested to make there carrier as an artist must join this school.

Hagneshware Segearan

“It was a fun and fruitful art class! Learnt a lot from art classes , rashi mam was patient in teaching and guiding us. I get a new knowledge things from this session... well I spent getting to exercise my creativity freely, without judgement, in a relaxing outdoor but homely environment (under the shade and with the fan of course!), chatting with rasha mam earning some unique, self-made art pieces as a result. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who would like to try their hand at a new art form and needs to destress!.... Thank you mam for teaching us.. 🙏😊🌹💗

Deepthi Nambiar

It was a great experience with art beat.The classes were done in such a manner that we can get each and every point regarding the techniques of painting. I have completed my class of acrylic painting but still I can share my works on Googleclassroom as well as I can share it to Gayatri mam our art teacher she goes through the painting points out the mistakes as well as makes us feel confident to go ahead and keep practicing.

M B Swabiman

Hello guys😉 I had awsome experience, in artbeat. Where i went to learn canvas painting. Which i had never done it before. With in 2 days i learnt techniques related to canvas painting and by 3rd day my canvas painting was ready in front of me . I was super surprised and took my cellphone and clicked nearly about 32 pictures of same canvas painting which i did by my self. Cuz that feeling you get when some thing happens which you did not expected. Good teaching. Great place to learn and have some fun. All the best. Thank you 😊

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