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Join Art Beat and start your career in Arts

We at Art Beat are passionate about fine arts and we are constantly looking for talented folks in Bangalore to fill roles such as art teachers, assitant art teachers, centre coordinators, etc in Bangalore. At Art Beat, we have created career paths for art students and artists who would like to make a career in fine arts. Teaching fine arts (teaching drawing and painting) with different mediums is a skilled job, at Art Beat we have teaching vacancies in Bangalore throughout the year. You can choose to work and chart your career at Art Beat by choosing to apply for the art teaching and art faculty job at the centre that is nearest to you. 

Art teacher vanacy in Bangalore

Art Teachers (HSR, Bangalore)

We are looking for passionate female art teachers who can teach drawing and painting, teach multiple mediums that Art Beat offers students. We are looking for artists who can help us build a strong community of 
budding artists at our Centres in Bangalore 

Looking for full-time Art Teacher based out of Bangalore, preferably near our centres (HSR layout)
Prior experience is preferred. 
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centre coordinator job in Bangalore

Centre Coordinator (HSR, B'lore)

We are looking for passionate young women who can work as the centre coordinator and manage Art Beat HSR centre. Work includes running day to day activities, managing day to day expenses, registrations, planning programme and events, managing inventory, in all, taking care of all the centre needs.  Prior experience is a plus, we welcome freshers who are passionate to learn and innovate

Preferably near HSR Layout, sector 2. 
Prior experience is a plus.
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Assitant Art Teacher job in Bangalore

Assistant Art Teacher

We are looking for passionate female assitant art teachers are looking to make thier career in the field of arts. If you are creative, then we have the perfect art teacher vacany in Bangalore for you. We are looking for artists who can help us build a strong community of budding artists at our Centres in Bangalore

ooking for full-time Assitant Art Teacher based out of Bangalore, preferably near HSR Layout, Bangalore

Perfect for freshers or self-taught artists without teaching experience.  

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Art Internship in Bangalore

This is a paid internship with Art Beat. The entire internship is for a duration of 3 month. You will be recievinng a certificate and the experience letter at the end of the internship. 

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Centre Head.jpg

Sales & Partnerships Manager

As a Sales and Partnerships Manager at an art school, your primary role is to identify and cultivate partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals and help build revenue for Art Beat.

You will be responsible for developing and executing sales strategies to promote the school's programs and services, and building relationships with prospective clients
Prior experience in sales & business development is preferred.

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Sales manager vacany in Bangalore

Growth Manager/
Business Manager

This role will be responsible for enrolling new students & hiring new teachers. In the last year, Art Beat has relied on technology to scale up business from Bangalore to 7 different countries and 24 different cities. This role will have a high impact on building the business. If you are ambitious and self-driven, then you will be mentored to reach new heights! This is the role for you.  
Prior experience in sales & business development is preferred.

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Currilculum expert job in Bangalore

Art Expert 

Offline ONLY

We are looking for a passionate female art expert who can help us build a strong community of 
budding artists and manage the art curriculum

Looking for full time Art expert based out of Bangalore. 
Prior experience in creating curriculum and managing team is a mandatory. 
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Why join Art Beat?

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Women driven organisation

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5 star rated art school in Bangalore

Image by Markus Winkler

Value based appraisal for the self driven

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Artist first approach to nurture creativity

Career in fine arts in Bangalore

Our hybrid work culture enables us to grow during and post the pandemic. Over the years we have groomed and taught artists, art teachers, centre coordinators to create currliculum, manage other art teachers and run the centre. If you have choosen fine arts, drawing, painting as a career path, then Art Beat offers the right avenue to sharpen your skills, learn how to teach and manage kids and adults learning fine arts at Art Beat. 

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