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Online art courses for kids & adults

There's something in store for everyone. From regular classes to customised workshops, drawing classes to Kerala murals, Art Beat offers a wide range of courses.

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Regular art classes

Let your child explore techniques in 7 different art forms. 

  • Medium: Graphite, Pastels, Charcoal, water color, color pencil, poster colors, watercolour pencil

  • Theme based learning

  • 1:7 Teacher to student ratio - We encourage group classes, it helps kids bond with teachers and fellow students

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Customised classes

​Courses that you can create with an art expert to help focus on certain art forms.

  • Crafted as per the customer/student’s request

  • Special courses to meet their learning needs & pace. 

  • Crafted for student’s timings & curriculum 

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Grade exams

Art Beat in association with Sanchari Socio-Cultural Org helps students plan and attempt their grade exams.

  • These grade exams are reviewed by Ravindrabharthi Parishath Kolkata University. 

  • This course will help students attend these grade exams to their capabilities and age criteria.

  • Art Beat provides coaching and materials, additionally, it also takes care of exam registration from end to end.

Short term courses


Explore the world of sketching and shading. Learn from the basics. Topics covered Still life, landscape, perspective, human gesture, animals & birds, transparency. 

This self-sufficient course helps you understand the medium


Acrylics online course is a 12 hour intensive course for beginners. Learning acrylics is easy with this step by step approach to acrylic painting.  The course is designed to build confidence in your painting ability while increasing your knowledge of how to use acrylic paint creatively. 

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This course is for those who want to learn how to paint in oils and acryllics with step by step guidance from experts.

Oils is an interactive 12 hour course designed to teach the fundamentals of oil painting.

Learn how to use different kind of brushes, color mixing method and creating texture in your painting. No experience needed!

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Water colors

This is a unique course where you will learn how to create a vibrant masterpiece in 12 hours. It's been carefully designed by a professional artist. Watercolors are most appropriate for use with subjects that lend themselves easily to the broken color effects that characterize this medium. They work well with landscapes, flowers, and figures in outdoor settings.



Charcoal is a 12 hour acrylics course that teaches you everything there is to know about this medium. You will learn how to paint with acrylics in the most efficient way possible and how to use it in your own artwork or as a tool for design. This is a beginner's course for art students and hobbyists who want to learn Charocoal. 



Murals are an ancient art form. The history of murals dates back to the Stone Age, and has been witnessed in cave paintings. Over time, murals evolved into a mode of expression that is highly relatable for people across the globe. 

It's a fun, easy way to learn this traditional art form that can be practiced by anyone.

Benefits of short term courses

  • Access to expert teachers

  • Art Portfolio assistance

  • Certification

  • Individual attention

  • Pre-reads, recorded classes & interactive live sessions

  • Theory + Practicals

  • Material buying guides

Join us and become part of the 2000+ artist community.